District admin EKH intercepts bus carrying returnees for escaping Umling


While stating that the stringent checks were conducted at Mawiong Checkpoint, Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills Isawanda Laloo said that one bus carrying returnees from outside the state to Shillong was intercepted for escaping Umling and directed to move to Polo for testing.

“A bus transiting through Meghalaya enroute to Silchar was checked, and passengers disembarking at Shillong were directed to undergo testing,” Laloo added.

“2 (two) cases of violation of isolation protocol were reported and appropriate instructions have been given to magistrate,” the deputy Commissioner said while maintaining that the concerned headmen have also been alerted.

Four shops were closed in Golf Link Pdengshnong by the Dorbar Shnong with intimation to the Incident Commander for violation of protocol.

“Many requests have been received by parents to permit inter-district travel to Shillong for pick-up of students who will finish their board exams on the 3rd May,” the DC said as the administration has decided to issue One-day passes for the same by the concerned Deputy Commissioners/ BDOS.

Meanwhile, 4 (four) residential complexes were declared as micro-containment areas to prevent movement in a contagious zone, while one hostel complex Eee Vee Nora Girls Hostel in Mawlyndop, Mawlai Mawroh is declared as a macro-containment area for detection of positive cases and to enable contact tracing and testing.