District administration closely monitoring availability and price of essential commodities


East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner Isawanda Laloo on Monday said the district administration is closely monitoring the availability as well as the price of essential commodities in the market.

 “…there is no such hike (in essential commodities) right now…If such a situation arises where we have to take action from our side, we will do so,” Laloo told reporters.

 Asked, the DC said there is no shortage of essential commodities. She also recalled the situation being faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

 “We have had ample experience from last year. Last year there was a sort of fear psychosis so people were reacting there was no actual shortage, there was only a perceived shortage in food grains and for some time because of disruption in the supply chain so there was lots of issues in terms of the time for the commodities to reach (the state) but right now we have learned, we know how the system works,” Laloo added.