Dr. Mukul asks Govt to appoint an independent quality monitoring agency


Leader of opposition Dr Mukul Sangma has asked the state to follow Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) guidelines while implementing various projects in the State. Even as , the former Chief Minister has asked the state government to appoint an independent quality monitoring agency to monitor all ongoing major infrastructural projects in the state.

“CVC guidelines and time to time told to all the Government departments agencies to follow, if they don’t follow we have to ask them why they didn’t follow,” Dr. Sangma pointed out.

Talking to reporters he further said, “With this unfortunate incident pertaining to the construction of the new Assembly building, we are perturbed by further inputs which are available for us pertaining to the implementation of the various important infrastructural projects wherein the quality of work has come to scrutiny before the public and before us.”


“Therefore, it is necessary for all of us to ask the government to see that an independent quality monitoring agency, who will be appointed based on a transparent mode of awarding such responsibility including following CVC guidelines must be put in place,” he added.


According to him, people have started doubting the integrity of the people who are entrusted with the job of implementing such projects and this does not augur well for the future of the state.


When asked if the opposition will seek resignation of the ministers concerned, the former chief minister said, “It is up to their conscience how they want to respond to this. This question should be put to them.”


“If you are talking about that particular unfortunate incident of 2005, why did the incumbent then deputy chief minister decided to resign it is because in democracy, we need to respect the sentiment of the people, we must understand that we are not there only to impose but when the overall sentiments are expressive of something which could have been awarded you joint with them and share the sentiments and respect their sentiments, that is what is required and so I leave it to the consign of the people concerned and you can put this question to them.”


He also asked how President’s Rule helps the state and said “We will not jump into conclusion”. He reminded that whoever is vested with the responsibility has to demonstrate and respond to their call of duty with utmost sense of commitment and honesty and nothing beyond that.”