Dr. Mukul asks NPP led MDA Govt to come out clean on allegation of corruption.


Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma has asked the National People’s Party-led Democratic Alliance government to come out clean on the allegation of corruption.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Sangma said issues are being taken up by a number of political parties including those part of the coalition government.

He said if the issue is pertaining to corruption, the government has to come open and that there is a need to be transparent in all aspects.

“If there is an allegation, they (government) have to come clear. They can’t say you prove as proving against allegation will happen only when there is an investigation, which is considered as something which cannot be tampered upon, which cannot be influenced by the people in authority – so that is what exactly is required from the side of the government as they respond to these allegations,” he said.

Stating that apart from political parties, these allegations are also coming from multiple stakeholders, the former chief minister said that it is abundantly clear that something is wrong.

“…I must say I have reason to believe beyond any reasonable doubt that they have something to hide against the interest of the state, against the interest of the people,” he alleged.