Dr. Mukul asks state authorities to take steps to prevent loss of life due to COVID 19


The opposition Congress has asked the state authorities to take steps to prevent loss of precious lives due to the coronavirus.

 Addressing media persons on Wednesday, Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma said the death count in the state is alarmingly high and is quite disturbing.

So far, 616 persons have succumbed to the contagious disease in the state.

 “We shouldn’t have lost so many precious lives keeping in mind the proportion of the death count to the number of positive cases. Now why is this, we need to actually understand so that we can prevent it,” he said.

 Sangma said when he looked at the number of the fatalities most of the cases where the patients have succumbed to the disease may be on the same day of the patient having been brought to the hospital or within two-four days of having been brought to the hospital for treatment.

 He added that means the patients are being brought only after the disease has taken a substantial toll on the patient, which makes it difficult for the health team to help in curing the patient resulting in loss of precious lives.

 Stating that this is a matter of serious concern, the former chief minister said the increase in the fatality rate can be because of the state not having enough institutionalized quarantine centres and corona care centres.

 “Another part is because of the home isolation strategy wherein the patient and the patient’s parties are not being able to communicate properly or are not communicating properly – it can be either they are not willing to share all the information or they are not being able to share the information to get the correct advise as to when they should be bringing the patient (to the hospital),” he stated.

 Sangma informed that the issue has been discussed with the health authorities.

“The concerned frontline workers under the command of the DHS and the respective DCs I hope will address this issue,” he added.