Dr. Mukul asks state Govt to ensure all ICUs and ventilators are made operational


Leader of opposition in Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Dr. Mukul Sangma has asked the state government to ensure all ICUs and ventilators are made operational across the state.

“..Infact today we have reiterated the need to immediately look at those deficiencies which have been shared by us and address these concerns, one is to ensure that the ICUs which are established are operational , the ventilators which are available are put to use to save lives, which has not happened till now,,” Dr. Sangma said

Dr. Mukul Sangma who has been visiting different corona care centres in all across the state, said, “They were not made operational because to operate ICU or to put the patients in the ventilators appropriate training of medical fraternity who are assigned with the task and therefore this training was not given.”

Meanwhile, the opposition Congress has asked the state government to take action against the indiscriminate use of life saving medicines including steroids for COVID-19 treatment.

Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma told reporters that the opposition has expressed concern over the indiscriminate use of life saving medicines by unauthorized people and quacks.

According to him, many patients who are down with COVID-19 have taken treatment of untrained medical practitioners or so called quacks.


In view of this, Sangma said that the opposition has suggested the state government to audit the pharmacies in the state.


“These pharmacies have to be audited. We have relevant laws to take control measures… medicines which are required to be prescribed by the registered medical practitioner must be routed only through the hospital and medical institutions during this pandemic otherwise there is likelihood of public crisis in the days ahead,” he added.


He said if these life saving medicines are misused left and right, we will land up seeing other complications which are associated with secondary infection which may pose a real challenge before the medical fraternity.