Dr. Mukul demands independent inquiry; slams WGH SP for acting at behest of his political masters

Slamming the Superintendent Of Police of West Garo Hills for acting at the behest of his political masters, Opposition All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) has demanded immediate setting up of an independent inquiry into the arrest of its youth leader Richard Mrong Marak.


Marak was among the 23 persons, who were arrested in connection with the mob attack at the chief minister’s office at Tura on Monday evening.


Addressing a press conference, opposition AITC leader and former chief minister Mukul Sangma has accused the district police for reducing itself as an instrument of the political bosses in the government by arresting Richard Mrong Marak, who was also a candidate of the TMC from South Tura, which is represented by the chief minister Conrad K Sangma.


“They suddenly realised that to give it a political angle, they have to arrest somebody else so they went and arrested Richard Mrong Marak,” he said.

The Former Chief Minister also stated that this particular agitational program is not sponsored by any political party.

“Therefore, we will be asking for an independent inquiry into this allegation and what led to the arrest of Richard Mrong Marak? Who did it? Why was it done? Who directed it? All these things will come out only when there’s an independent inquiry. The independent inquiry should be monitored by none other than the honourable High Court. We will seek the intervention of the judiciary and we will go for an independent inquiry to be monitored by the judiciary.”


“Why I’m saying this is because if police organisation is reduced to these kinds of misuse, then you understand what happens to the administration of justice as the police have huge responsibility of investigating, chargesheeting and disposal of various cases by the court,” he added.


He also slammed the District police is acting on behest of political bosses.


“It is a reason beyond reasonable doubt that the person concerned (SP) is not acting as an enforcement as per the law of the land but is acting as an agent of somebody to misuse his position and power and authority.”


According to him, Richard Mrong Marak told the people who had gone to meet him in the lockup that he didn’t know what exactly the reason for his arrest was.


Dr Mukul said, “I have tried to prevail upon all the officers during my time when I had the privilege of having the responsibility of governance. We have insulated the police from all political interference that’s why we have the transparent recruitment system. Transparent recruitment system is crucial to ensure that police always act free from any interference, particularly political interference. If a politician is instrumental in posting some police officers in the police organisation, he will be directly or indirectly as human indebted and obliged to respond to his manipulation.”


Meanwhile, while reacting to the violence in Tura, wherein a mob attacked the meeting of Conrad K Sangma in a bid to create law and order situation, the TMC leader has called upon members of different political parties to come together and deliberate on issues confronting the people of the state, including the sensitive issues.

The Songsak legislator  said that people use their wisdom to see if violent acts unite people or binds them. H said people must decide on anything that is good for the state.

“Having seen what has happened, I think that law is somebody’s monopoly. I am reminding everybody that law is not anybody’s monopoly, law is for the weakest, for the oppressed, and for the victims,” Dr Sangma added.


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