Dr. Mukul extends open invitation to all five Congress MLAs; Is PT getting little too friendly?


Cracking jokes, laughing together by opponent legislators is the beauty of Meghalaya politics. While a cold war was being fought between the Congress legislators and the deserters, captured on camera, some of such lighter moments were shared by Congress MLA P.T.Sawkmie with the All India Trinamool Congress legislators at the lawn of old Assembly building at Khyndailad.

The AITC legislators led by its parliamentary party (Meghalaya unit) leader Dr. Mukul Sangma on Wednesday submitted their reply to the speaker on the petition filed by the opposition congress seeking the disqualification of 12 legislators who deserted the party.

Overwhelmed after seeing his former colleagues, PT rush to greet them. Interestingly, AITC leader and former chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma has extended an open invitation to the five remaining sitting Congress legislators to join AITC.

Talking to reporters,  Dr. Sangma said,  “It is important for them (Congress MLAs) to understand the ground reality and it is also good for them (Congress MLAs) to decide and join us, the rest of the five members who decided to remain.”

Asking the Congress leaders to take a collective and conscious decision to join AITC he said, “ …they were little confused, they could not take a conscious decision on time and therefore we waited but, eventually I know, we know, their people also know what is in their mind. So all five of them should take  a collective and conscious decision and join us if they have the intention to serve the people and serve the state.”

It may be mentioned that some of the leaders including CLP leader Dr. M Ampareen Lyngdoh was allegedly in touch with AITC for this major political development in the state.