Dr. Mukul Sangma alleges anomalies in power project tender bidding.


The Congress on Thursday accused the NPP-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) Government of “looting” the public exchequer by manipulating the tender process in the Power Department.
Questioning the tendering process in the power sector, Leader of Opposition, Dr. Mukul Sangma said “There will be an investigation, if the Government does not stop this and then come up with the retendering we will file a case, we will file a case.”
He also maintained “The crucial organisation MeECL, power sector organisation has been used as a milking cow to satisfy the greed.”
“The whole bidding document was manipulated and designed in such a manner to ensure that they can favour pre-identified bidders. With single bidder qualified, they have managed to escalate the total cost of the project,” Sangma said.
“So is it not a match-fixing? We have had the privilege of being in the Government for so many years, you don’t have to be in the Government to understand, you ask any contractor or bidder. They know how the system works that’s why they are participating
Now if you are disqualified in one particular tender, you are qualified in other,” Dr Sangma said.
“It is a pre-determined choice of the bidders as they don’t know what the rate is quoted by the bidder that’s why they directly disqualify them. Therefore, since it is a single tender there is a difference East Khasi Hills the package is at the rate of 34 percent above the tender value, in West Khasi hills it’s below 24 percent tender value. You look at the gap; almost the difference is 56 percent. That means the Government organisation who is going to pay for all these contractors they will be paying from the Government’s exchequers. They should have rather gone for price determination for similar nature of work,” he added.
Elaborating Further Dr. Mukul Said, “Bidders will bid at different rates this is called L1, L2, L3.. the lowest is the L1…The L1 in one project is below 20 percent, in other project, there is no L1 Indicating at par or below., it’s above. Why this above has happened because some people have withdrawn. Some of the bidders were technically disqualified. Meaning the predetermined contractor or the predetermined bidder was already identified, so, therefore, they have to disqualify all others so that he only qualifies, Single tender as simple as that.”
Sangma said due to the manipulation, several contractors could not qualify for the bidding process and others failed to get the contract. “All the terms and conditions in the bidding process were manipulated to favour pre-identified bidders,” Sangma alleged.
Dr. Mukul Sangma also gave an example of projects like “Asian Development Bank-funded project of smart metering, only one successful bidder. So this is the manipulation which is going on. You already have Saubhagya scheme.”