Dr. Mukul Sangma asks Govt: Any meeting with farmer’s convened before voicing support for farmer’s bill?


The government does not even bother to have responded during a disaster affecting the farmers, even when their crops are destroyed: Dr. Mukul Sangma.

Stating that ‘only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches,’ the leader of opposition in Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and Congress Legislature Party Leader Dr. Mukul Sangma targets Chief Minister Conrad Sangma.

Dr. Mukul Sangma along with James Lyngdoh, George B Lyngdoh and Dr. M Ampareen Lyngdoh at Kisan Samelan, Shillong.

In his verbal attack, the former Chief Minister said the Chief Minister voiced out his support for the contentious bill even before consulting the farmers and the stakeholders.

“Has he (Chief Minister) discussed with the farmers or did he convene any meeting with the farmers? Did he (Chief Minister) call stakeholders at any point of time to understand what the farmers wanted?,” Dr. Mukul Sangma asked.

“What is the spirit of our democracy for the people, by the people, of the people, and you make so many promises during the election?,” the former CM question Conrad Sangma even as he says, “the promises which are reflected in the manifesto, today when you are talking about one particular stakeholder in the community you have to know what they want? you have to know the kind of intervention legal or otherwise, even interventions to various programs, what exactly do the farmers want? What are the challenges that they face?”

The Congress Legislative party leader further questioned the Government’s silence on the farmer’s affected due to natural calamities like flood, their crops being destroyed by flooding as he maintained that this is where the bankruptcy of knowledge occurs.

“The government does not even bother to have responded during a disaster affecting the farmers. I was talking to a farmer from Jaintia hills, flash floods destroyed their crops, still no response from the government,” Sangma pointed out.

“What will they know about the farmer’s agony?” he questioned even as he maintained that a large number of farmers are committing suicide.

As contentious legislation on Farmers was passed in the parliament, BJP and its allied ruling states have welcomed it, while the opposition mainly Congress continues its protest against this bill.

As part of the nationwide protest on the farmer’s bill, the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee today organized Kisan sammelan in Shillong. The sammelan was addressed by the Leader of the opposition to Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Dr. Mukul Sangma. The signatures of the farmers seeking a withdrawal of the contentious legislation were also taken. A good number of farmers participated in the event. Speaking about the bill, the leader of the Congress Legislative Party Dr. Mukul Sangma said, “The zamindari system in the past, now through a legal backdoor; there is a camouflaged attempt to restore to a similar kind of situation in a different style.”

“Today what is the biggest challenge with the farmers, the farmers find it difficult to work against the market manipulation of the big corporate houses,” Sangma said adding, “The farmers don’t have large land for farming activities; therefore, the issue of protecting the land resources remains crucial.”