Dr. Mukul Sangma asks Govt to immediately implement MRSSA 2016


Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma on Tuesday asked the state government to immediately implement the Meghalaya Residents, Safety and Security Act (MRSSA) 2016.

 “I urge upon the government to effectively implement this Act and see how best we can really fulfill our purpose in creating that enabling environment of having a safe and secure state,” Sangma told reporters.

 He said the Act, which was a collective endeavor of the government and the people of the state, is comprehensive enough to deal with various issues including the issue of maintaining the demography of the state.

 “When we enacted this Act when we presented the Bill for consideration of the August House then you look everything has been done in such a way you don’t have this law to be challenged by anyone seeking judicial intervention,” he said.

 The Meghalaya High Court had recently stated that it is prima facie evident that the State of Meghalaya had legislative competency to enact the Meghalaya Resident Safety and Security Act (MRSSA), 2016, in exercise of powers conferred under the various Constitutional provisions.

The Court had also asked the state government to submit a fresh report to spell out the purpose of establishing facilitation centres as per provisions of the MRSSA, 2016.

 Sangma further stated, “When we have enacted this law, we have looked at all the pros and cons and we have ensured that everything that is mandated by the law or at that time proposed to be mandated by law is within the legislative jurisdiction of the state legislature. Therefore, you have seen the decision of the High Court.”


“So that is how a lawmaker has to obviously place a Bill for consideration of the House. If we make a law and go beyond our legislative jurisdiction then we are making fun of ourselves. We are lawmakers, we must know what is within our legislative jurisdiction and which goes beyond it,” he said.


“That is why time and again I have said implement the mandate of this very important law MRSSA and you look at the content of this principal act it covers all including the internal security aspect ensuring an environment of safe and secure state capital, district capital, environment of safe and secure state. That is the intent,” he added.


The former chief minister also said that the government through the MRSSA has empowered the traditional institutions which were not there by any law.


“You have one of the ruling by the High Court. Therefore, there was always a question about the mandate by law legislate by state legislature or parliament in as far as the empowerment of the traditional institutions is concerned and today you have a law MRSSA, this also takes cognizance of the important aspect of role required to be played by legislature and therefore we have appropriately responded to this call of duty and we have empower the traditional institutions and therefore you see both the state authority and the traditional institutions come together sharing the responsibility of implementing the mandate of this law,” he said.