‘Dr Mukul Sangma is indispensable,’ admits AICC; Congress Prez Sonia Gandhi likely to intervene


All India Congress Committee (AICC) president Sonia Gandhi is likely to intervene into the “differences” that is visible between the new Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) chief Vincent H Pala and the Congress Legislative Party (CLP) leader Mukul Sangma.

“The intervention by the AICC president would be immediate,” sources from the Congress high command said.

They said that the president is likely to call both the leaders to New Delhi for resolving misunderstandings.

The AICC source also admitted that the former Meghalaya chief minister Dr Mukul Sangma is indispensable and tall leader of the Congress in the North East region adding “the question of losing him does not arise.”

“…everyone (in MPCC) has to understand the tenure of Dr. Mukul Sangma’s MUA I & II government is always given as an example, he is a trendsetter, he was able to wiped off militancy in Meghalaya and bring development here and now again militancy is showing its ugly head,” the source on request of anonymity said.

However claiming that the Congress is a united house, the source said,“How can anyone think of excluding him? He is the leader of the party; he is very much part of us and Congress stands united.”

Asked about the Khasi – Garo leadership issues, the AICC source said, “This was never a part of discussion in Congress…this will not be tolerated. Congress is for everyone and we will definitely see how this can be resolved, as of now know that Congress is united.”

On Saturday, Mukul Sangma along with other legislators from Garo Hills region have yet again skipped another important function of the MPCC to welcome and felicitate the Shillong MP Vincent H Pala as its new president.

Similarly on September 16, Mukul Sangma and MLAs from Garo Hills did not attend the function organized by the MPCC to welcome five prominent political leaders including former home minister RG Lyngdoh and Pynshngain N Syiem.

On the absence of Dr. Mukul Sangma and legislators from Garo Hills in the ceremony, AICC Incharge Meghalaya Manish Chatrath  had said, “Unity is very much there so you don’t both about the unity Part, there are no differences you need to understand Dr. Mukul is the CLP of our party, he is almost as taller leader as anybody else in the North-eastern state .. Palaji and Mukulji both are our leaders and both will work together.”

Chatrath had tried to reach out to Mukul Sangma on Friday evening but the latter refused to meet him.

Addressing the occasion on Saturday, MPCC President Vincent H Pala said that there is nothing to hide about the absence of the CLP leader.


“Maybe he (Mukul) is not happy with me but I will take him into confidence as long as it is humanly possible I will do my job,” he told everybody at the gathering.


Pala was felicitated by the outgoing president of the party and former legislator Dr Celestine Lyngdoh.


While speaking to journalists after taking charge as MPCC chief, the Shillong MP said that he would definitely reach out to the former chief minister.


“I will take the guidance of Dr Celestine Lyngdoh and others, I will definitely meet him (Mukul),” he added.


When asked, Pala however said legislators from Garo Hills are mostly Mukul’s family and friends. “Naturally if he is not there, others are also not (going to be) there. It is an open fact.”


He however said that the other day MLA Marthon Sangma came and today former legislator Deborah Sangma came adding “I think there is something that is why I told you we will try to see that things are in order.”


Pala also assured that whenever he would take decision he would take the opinion of Dr Mukul as CLP leader and other leaders from Garo Hills including former chief minister Salseng Marak.


“(However) see only Mukul Sangma, Zenith Sangma, Pala, Dr Celestine will not do, we have to take everybody (into consideration),” he added.