Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma on Tuesday questioned if NPP can manage to secure maximum 5-6 seats in Garo Hills.

“This data is revealed by NPP’s survey and not mine”, Sangma said while addressing the AITC block level meeting at Rajabala, West Garo Hills.

Emphasizing the need to exercise democratic rights mindfully, Sangma said, “The fate of our country is decided through people, through their participation in democracy, to be precise. Every people must exercise their democratic rights for the betterment of country and our society.”

On rehabilitation of surrendered militants, he stated, “At the assembly, politicians from the current dispensation are proudly showcasing decreased number of murder, kidnaps and other crimes. But who rehabilitated them? During my tenure as Chief Minister, we have used multi-prong comprehensive approach to restore order and peace.”

Taking a jibe at the ruling dispensation’s promotion of favouritism, he explained, “After Bangladesh liberation, border haats were closed. During my tenure, those haats were re-opened. I have inaugurated two haats myself. Of late, a committee has been formed to select people who can conduct business there. Under the MDA government, as nepotism and favouritism have pervaded all space; only their relatives or associates have received necessary permission.”

Meghalaya TMC strengthened its base with a major block-level meeting in
Rajabala, West Garo Hills on Tuesday. During the event, Trinamool Congress Legislature Party Leader & Leader of Opposition, Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Dr. Mukul Sangma, Meghalaya TMC MLA, (Rangsakona), Zenith Sangma, MDC (Balachanda) Agassi Marak, Meghalaya Pradesh Trinamool Congress Committee (MPTCC) Secretary Alhaz Abdul Hussain, Meghalaya Pradesh Trinamool Congress Committee (MPTCC) General Secretary Mukul Das, and Meghalaya TMC leader from Rajabala, Dr. Mizanur Kaziwere were present.

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