Dr. Mukul Sangma press alarm bell; Militants regrouping in Meghalaya.


Stating that there is a regrouping of different militant outfits on the behest of ULFA who is actively supporting them, the former Chief Minister and leader of opposition in Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Dr. Mukul Sangma said, “It is the threat for the region
… Garo hills in and western part of Meghalaya including west and south West Khasi hills this particular area has always been looked at by many of the insurgent outfits of the North East as a safe corridor. Not just a safe corridor but as a safe haven as well.”

Asserting that since 2019, the militant activities have started in the state, Dr.  Sangma said time and again he has pressed the alarm bell in this regard, even as he accuses the present Government of putting its guard down.

“What is happening now is I have Press the alarm bell number of times after I had the inputs. I keep on getting inputs even now what was happening in South Garo hills in 2019, How ULFA Leader who is completely acquainted with the terrain of Garo hills region and then the western part of Meghalaya is trying to again reach out to all those members with whom they had a connection  from before,” Dr. Sangma said adding,  “At the same time again the emergence of a number of small outfits trying to form, reform, regroup new outfits.”
What seems like a major concern for the state Government is the alleged increasing movement of armed militants in the state territory.
“Infact Last week I tried to know what’s happening in West Khasi Hills, an input was coming from south West Khasi hills that the number of armed militants were moving in a group of 10 Plus. Similarly, a number of similar arm groups were located in West Khasi hills since last year. Off and on. And I m trying to find out why this is happening?.” the former CM says.
Giving an example of the previous Government the former CM said it has focused on restoring peace.
Reacting strongly about the allegation of extortion by the cops, he said, “ the police should be completely insulated from illegalities, they should be insulated from all activities that lead to bribery.”
He added, “In the preceding years our focus was on ensuring the complete overhauling of the police organisation. I have taken pride, the people of the state have also taken pride in the efficiency and commitment level of the state Police in fact how we fought against the militancy, how we fought against the terrorist, how we ultimately restore peace I must tell that the commitment level of the police organization, the honesty of the officers, were the crucial source of strength.”
He further accuses the Government of a complete lack of realisation of the importance of police organisation.