Meghalaya TMC Legislature Party Leader Dr. Mukul Sangma launched a full-fledged attack on the NPP-led MDA government for ‘making a misery’ of the lives of the people of Meghalaya through hollow promises and undelivered claims.


Speaking in a gathering of massive supporters at the South West Garo Hills District Party Office in Ampati, the Leader of the Opposition, said, “In the last five years, the development measures that were started under my tenure remain unfinished. For instance, I hear people say that vacancies are available but no new appointment is being processed. This government has delayed the appointment of thousands of teachers, leaving them in utter disarray.”


Taking a dig at the ruling dispensation for being mired in corruption, Dr. Mukul Sangma said, “A medical college has opened and a huge funding of Rs 172 crores has been brought in. They have only spent Rs 62 crores and there are no answers for the rest. Isn’t it the duty of the government to be transparent? Am I going to study again as a Doctor? No. These are for the people. Medical colleges are established not only for education but also to treat the sick. There are specialists and super-specialist professors in medical colleges. There have been sufficient equipment to carry out city scans and MRIs. Despite having facilities, we are pushed to go to Goalpara, Guwahati, and other states. Do our elders from the Garo Hills carry a lot of money?”


The Leader of the Opposition also mentioned that the state reels under severe issues that plague the development of the people of Meghalaya. “Even after pursuing higher education, the youngsters of this state have become a victim of the devastating unemployment in Meghalaya. Additionally, drug users are also increasing in the state along with the number of dealers. This is our state, and it is our responsibility to preserve and protect the people of Meghalaya. We need to stand united, not for a day or two but until the end,” he said.

By Editor