Dr. Mukul slams CM Conrad for his ‘ribbon cutting spree’ that attracts ‘Crowd’ amidst Pandemic


Amidst the standard COVID 19 Protocol suggests that over crowing must be avoided, Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister  Dr. Mukul Sangma on Tuesday took a swipe at Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma over the ribbon cutting spree that attracted lots of crowds despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Speaking to media persons, Mukul said at a time when people are told not to have social and political gatherings and to maintain social distance, the Chief Minister goes around and calls the public to converge for his public function for cutting the ribbon.


“That also pertaining to a project in my own constituency…just imagine, Leader of Opposition’s constituency (Songsak), Chief Minister going and inaugurating a project, a project where I had given fund from my MLA scheme on a convergence mode without inviting the local MLA and Leader of opposition,” he said.


Accusing the Chief Minister of playing to the gallery, Mukul said, “This guy (Conrad) is good at playing to the gallery. Yes, is it the time to go and cut the ribbon? After the MDC elections another round of cutting the ribbon. Earlier, he said he is the foundation stone Chief Minister. All the projects where I have laid the foundation stones now he is laying the inaugural stones. Is it the time?”


The Leader of Opposition also slammed the Chief Minister for acting contrary to scientific advice and asked him to start leading by example.


“If I have a meeting in one place, hundreds of people will converge. Is it the time for me to have a meeting like that? We must lead by example. We want to prevail upon people to agree to do something together,” he said.


Mukul also took a jibe at the rock show organized during the Chief Minister’s election campaign at Williamnagar in East Garo Hills district.


“…you have a big rock show during elections. Are you campaigning or showing a rock show?

You look at the Williamnagar election campaign of Conrad K Sangma during MDC elections. Was it an election campaign or some other festival during pandemic when the (COVID) cases were rising? You have to lead by example,” he said.