‘Dr. Mukul was most irresponsible chief minister state ever had,’ accuses Prestone.


Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong said that Mukul Sangma was the most irresponsible chief minister the state has ever had.

“…the most irresponsible chief minister we had in Meghalaya fright from the start of our statehood is Dr. Mukul Sangma,” Tynsong told reporters on Tuesday.

He was reacting to the allegation made by Sangma, a former chief minister and currently the leader of opposition in the state, against him.

“Saying that Prestone is so irresponsible and that he hardly attends office, I think that is totally wrong,” Tynsong said.

Hitting back at Sangma, the deputy CM said, “Let me just remind you that everybody knows Dr. Sangma that time especially from 2013 to 2017, he hardly attended office and used to come to office maybe 15 days in a month. If the CM, who is the leader of the state, attended office only 15 days in a month, I think that is not fair.”

“So, where he went, nobody knows, God knows, he never even prepare tour diary, in fact, CM should atleast provide advance tour programme be circulated to all his colleague ministers, we need to know as accordingly we need to work out our own programme, but he just disappears, nobody knows whether he is in Delhi or he is in Mumbai or maybe sometimes he went out of the country nobody knows,” he further alleged.

It may be mentioned here that Sangma had dropped Tynsong from the cabinet in 2017.

Asked, Tynsong said, “When Dr Sangma dropped me from the cabinet in 2017, he knew that I was not happy with him and I am very blunt to tell you also that really I was not happy with the way he was functioning and ultimately I decided to not only disassociate myself from him but even from the Congress party, so I left the Congress party.”

On the other hand, the deputy chief minister further stated that the development in his constituency is not necessarily because of the special attention given as claimed by Mukul Sangma.

“Keep aside my ministership but as a local MLA I need to work hard, I need to follow up whatever proposals submitted to different departments, so accordingly development keeps flowing to my constituency not necessarily that Mukul Sangma has given special attention to my constituency, it is not like that.

So I need to clarify that it is not Mukul himself wanted the Pynursla constituency becomes a full developed constituency in the state of Meghalaya, if he has that kind of thinking I think he is not fit to be a leader of the state because CM is supposed to take care of all the constituencies, he can’t say that I will give more to Prestone and give less to other persons, I think he has to take care for the interest of the state as a whole that development flows to each and every constituency,” Tynsong stated.