‘Dy CM Prestone Tynsong is having very good link with BJP’: Alleges Pala


State Congress Chief Vincent H Pala has alleged Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong is having a very good ‘links’ with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), even as he charged NPP of mobilising resources from BJP.

“Bah Prestone he has very good link with BJP, hopefully, the BJP will give them (NPP) lots of mileage…BJP is backing them (NPP) in terms of all round resources, marketing and telling lies to the public. BJP in this line and NPP is also in the same line so he (Tynsong) thinks that since the BJP is in power, the NPP is also in power so that the public of Meghalaya knows what is the BJP and NPP together and what is Congress,” Pala said over phone from Delhi.

Congress State Chief further slammed the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) and its alliance United Democratic Party (UDP) of being master manipulators, even as State Congress chief Vincent H Pala termed them as seasoned in luring voters with their money power. He, however, predicted that Congress performance will be better in 2023 Assembly polls.

“2023 will be based on technology, will be based on the capacity of the people in terms of education, in terms of money power and in terms of manipulating – so if you look from the angle of manipulation, then NPP and UDP will be number one but if you look from the point of trust of the people and the confident of the people I think Congress will be number one,” Pala said over phone from Delhi.

Refuting the Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong’s allegation that the Congress will witness a repeat of 1972 in 2023, Pala said Tynsong was only talking about himself but it is not the same case for everybody as not every MLA who left the Congress will again win the elections in 2023

“Prestone is Prestone. Not everyone is like Prestone. Example when Prestone was in the Congress he won so much margin but when he left the Congress he knows what margin he got. When he was in the Congress, he won as MLA and when he is not also he won, so not everybody is like him,” Pala said.

Stating that the voters of 1972 and the voters of 2023 are totally different, Pala said, “You have to analyzed as there are people who will vote for money, there are people who vote for the trust so which has the majority in 2023 we will know it.”

Pala informed that the Congress is fielding educated, clean image and young people for the coming 2023 elections.

“Yes most of them are starting from the scratch like what he (Prestone) said but I am confident that the scenario of 1972 and 2023 is totally different and I am very confident the party will perform well,” he said.