Dynamics of politics have changed after Saleng’s victory: Pala


SHILLONG, JULY 6: The 2021 wounds seem to be still fresh for congress, where there was a mass exodus from the grand old party. Recalling the event, Meghalaya Pradesh Congress committee President Vincent H Pala said after taking over the leadership of the party in the state, a lot of challenges were there with hundreds of people left to join the greener side of politics. However, the dynamics of politics have changed after Saleng’s victory.


Addressing the gathering on the occasion of the felicitation programme organised in honour of Lok Sabha MP from the Tura Parliamentary seat Saleng A Sangma in Shillong, Pala said  Saleng’s victory in Garo Hills has changed the dynamics of politics in Meghalaya.


“I remember when I first took over as the president almost a year we faced a lot of challenges. People said that Congress is a sinking ship and that it cannot be revived back…Hundreds of my friends in the Youth Congress in MPCC left the Congress and joined the greener side of politics but today with Saleng’s success from Garo Hills, the dynamics of politics in Meghalaya has changed,” the MPCC President said.


Meghalaya Congress on Saturday felicitated Lok Sabha  MP from Tura Parliamentary seat Saleng A Sangma in Shillong. Meghalaya Pradesh Congress committee President Vincent H Pala, Working President Deborah C Marak, CLP leader Ronnie V Lyngdoh, legislators Charles Mangnar and Gabriel Wahlang beside other leaders were present.



“What was five years before, what was five months before, today is a different scenario of politics in Meghalaya. Our Congress workers have hope and Congress workers are ready to work hard with a bigger energy and with stronger dedication and I am very confident in the coming elections, we will work unitedly. Let gone is bygone and at the same time let it be history, there is no success without failure and it should be a lesson to all of us,” he said.


He said that four months before the election, they were begging people to join the Congress but those people laughed at us but today the same people are begging to come back to us. The reason being many people and parties are fighting elections for their own interest “the interest to do business, interest to serve for particular religious, interest to serve for particular community, interest for their areas and for their constituencies.”


“Whereas, Congress is not only for the interest of the people but an ideology which has made us proud, protection of minorities, protection of all kinds of faith and religions, protection of all sections of people as per the constitution and that has brought back the Congress and Congress shall always remain. You can abuse or accuse any leader but Congress will remain,” Pala added.


The Congress chief further slammed the BJP and its allies – the National People’s Party (NPP) and United Democratic Party (UDP) for targeting the Congress.

“Our leaders are being purchased, our district presidents have been purchased, many of our leaders have been lured and promised a different posts, MLAs are taken away so definitely the target by the BJP and its friends NPP, UDP only to the Congress.They targeted us but today with Saleng’s winning I think they forgot themselves and today I think it is high time for Saleng to repay what they have done to us in Garo Hills,” he said.


“…we should learn from Garo Hills. Out of 24 seats, we lost every seat except Saleng’s constituency (Gambegre) and we thought that we would never come back to Garo Hills but Saleng alone could manage to take all the youth of Garo Hills. I am proud to tell you today in Garo Hills, we have got the youth, who are from IITs, doctors, engineers, IIM and some of them even pilots – today we all used their brains and working together and we could not only win the election but we managed to surprise the people of Garo Hills and Meghalaya also to change the dynamics of politics in Meghalaya because dedicated team and hardwork,” Pala said.


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