Education Minister conducts inspection of Captain Williamson Sangma State University

SHILLONG, JUNE 13: Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma on Thursday conducted an inspection of the newly inaugurated Captain Williamson Sangma State University in Balalgre, South West Garo Hills.


Accompanying him were H M Shangpliang, Adviser to the Government of Meghalaya, Department of Education, members of the Meghalaya State Education Commission (MSEC), and other key officials.


This inspection is part of a comprehensive three-day visit by the MSEC team to Garo Hills, aimed at assessing the region’s educational landscape. The team’s efforts focus on understanding the current state of educational institutions, identifying challenges, and exploring opportunities for improvement.


The delegation’s visit to Captain Williamson Sangma State University marks a significant step in the government’s ongoing efforts to enhance educational infrastructure and opportunities in the Garo Hills region of Meghalaya. During the inspection, the team evaluated the university’s facilities, met with the key Officials, and discussed the institution’s role in addressing local educational needs.


The efforts are being made to ensure that Captain Williamson Sangma State University is fully equipped to provide quality education to the students. This university is a cornerstone for higher education in the region, and such inspection is crucial to understanding and addressing any challenges it faces. This visit is also a part of the broader initiative to improve educational standards across Meghalaya.


The MSEC team’s visit to Garo Hills includes multiple stops at various educational institutions, aiming to gather insights and feedback from stakeholders. The visit emphasizes the government’s dedication to enhancing educational opportunities and infrastructure in Meghalaya.







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