EKH District Administration decides to revoke Sec 144 CrPC prohibiting taking out of victory processions

SHILLONG, MAY 31: East Khasi Hills district administration has decided to revoked its order prohibiting taking out of victory processions and rallies in the entire district during the counting of votes for the general elections to the 18th Lok Sabha on June 4.


Speaking to reporters, DC SC Sadhu said, “We have held a consultative meeting with the political parties and representatives of traditional heads. We have taken note of their concerns and therefore, we have taken a decision that point 5 of the 144 CrPC order which applied to the entire East Khasi Hills will be revoked and all other points (in the order) will remain the same.”


He said now the 144 CrPC will be applicable only in the counting area and not outside.


Sadhu said, “We have appeal to the political parties when they organize any procession to give in writing the routes that they will take up and to take measures from their side in terms of the law and order to take measures to ensure there is no untoward incidents happened during these processions and rallies.”


“I would like to inform that after consulting with all the stakeholders, we have taken this decision but at the same time I would like to appeal to all people of the district and political parties to ensure that they have to support the district administration for maintaining law and order. If there is any violation in terms of creating law and order situation or violence that will be their call,” he added.


The deputy commissioner informed that additional security measures have been put in place to ensure counting of votes is done peacefully.


“As you know that as per protocol law and order has to be maintained, deployment of CAPF and state police forces will be there to ensure counting is done peacefully,” he said.

He said “At the very same time as we had discussion with the political parties, we have enough measures to ensure these victory processions should not turn out to be or lead to any untoward incidents. So that kind of measures we have taken by in fact closely working with all stakeholders including political parties, traditional institutions and other stakeholders so that we will ensure that no untoward incidents marred the entire election process.”


Asked, the DC said that the political parties had assured to take all measures to ensure law and order during such processions and rallies.


“Yes, in fact this is a collective responsibility but we have an assurance from their side that they will take all measures to ensure that their rallies will be peaceful,” he added.

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