Fake number plate row: CM says Law will take its own course in regards to FIR filed against DGP

SHILLONG, MAY 15: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said law will take its own course in regards to the FIR filed against DGP LR Bishnoi for using fake number plate.


Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Sangma said, “We have been very clear from day one with every situation of law that we have come across, that law is the same for all and therefore, the law will take its course.”


“Whatever the complaints have come in, the procedure has been followed, FIR has been registered and an investigation is on,” he added.


Sangma said, “FIR has been lodged and FIR has been registered, so the case will continue, the investigation will continue. The retirement does not affect that.”


“As I said for us, it’s very simple that when a complaint comes every FIR is a proper case and as per the law, whatever needs to be done and as per the rules, what has to be done, will be followed, irrespective of who the person is,” he said.


On May 9, former Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Meghalaya Police GK Iangrai filed an FIR against DGP for allegedly misuse and tampering of registration number of plate of his vehicle.


Asked, the CM however said, “ No, obviously, number one point, I’m not saying that it is or it is not, I don’t know about that, I don’t want to comment about the fact that what the DG has said, it has personal level. I don’t want to comment on that at all.”

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