Farmer’s movement no more localize, Meghalaya Governor advice centre to resolve it ASAP


Stating that the Farmer’s movement is very genuine, Meghalaya Governor Satyapal Malik said the farmers in the country are suffering, even as he advised the centre to resolve it as soon as possible.
Vocal about farmer’s right and their movement, Governor Satyapal Malik said, “Farmers’ movement is very genuine and they are suffering like anything, in Delhi if you go and see, so my saying is that it should be resolved as soon as possible because it’s no more localize within three-four states, it has become all India movement now.”
Governor Malik further asserted that the movement has reached to the nook and corner of the country, “It has become a very big movement so what is advisable is to talk to the farmer and finish it as soon as possible,” he added.
Asked about the Delhi border the kind of protection laid for farmers not to cross over, he said, “That’s absolutely unnecessary, that is an action of some over enthusiast officials and I am sure in coming days he will be apologising, because no farmer is stopped by that.”
As the Government built ‘War-like fortification’ to protect Delhi, Iron nails, rods, barbed wire, boulders and makeshift walls are being used to barricade Delhi’s borders against thousands of protesting farmers.
The beefed-up security – called “war-like” by some farmers – comes amid a tense standoff with the government over new agricultural laws.
The protest, now in its third month, presents the biggest challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi has faced.