Festivity turns total chaos in Shillong


The second day of Cherry Blossom Festival is marred with chaos that broke out which led to the firing of tear gas to tame the unruly crowd.

A group of people reportedly became frustrated for not being able to get into the JN Sports Complex in Polo for the evening’s entertainment as part of the festivity.

Reportedly, the trouble began after the authorities deny entry to the public from 7pm. A magistrate tried to talk it out with the frustrated public who were arguing for the entry.

Following which, the angry crowd went on a rampage, tearing down festival signage and trying to break through the gates. Bottles were also hurled at police, who resorted to tear gas.

The chaos broke out, even as the police were trying their best to control it.

Police were seen detaining a few individuals but many more took shelter in the darkness surrounding the entrance, from where shouts of abuse and stray bottles rained in on the authorities.