First time in the history petrol prices crossed Rs 100: Pala


The opposition Congress on Wednesday said it cannot hold any protest against the fuel price hike due to the upcoming bye elections in the three Assembly seats slated for October 30.


Speaking to reporters, MPCC chief and Shillong MP Vincent H Pala said that it is for the first time in the history that the price of petrol has crossed Rs 100.


“We are supposed to have series of agitations on this price rise and the fuel price rise but (we could not) because of the code of conduct in the different areas in view of the bye elections,” he said.


Pala also informed that machines have to be replaced because the people who designed them never expect that petrol will crossed more than Rs 100.


“That day I was in touch with the engineers, they said they have to change lots of machines because as of now the machines are up to two digits (Rs 80-90) but now it has crossed three digits even the machines have to change also,” he said.


“This will have a very bad impact especially our people in tribal areas because our main communication is road so once diesel and petrol increases definitely it will impact the common people, inflation will be high, the economy in the rural areas will be bad and definitely it will have a negative impact,” he also added.


On the other hand, the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) national secretary in-charge Meghalaya Sarifa Rahman said that the people of Meghalaya in the coming days will reply with their votes against the false promises made by the ruling government.


“I think the people of Meghalaya has understood it very well and in coming days, they will reply with their votes – whether they are going to vote for BJP in coming days everybody will understand the false promises made by the ruling government,” she said.


She added, “I must say the ruling government when they came to power they say they will decrease everything, they will give liberty to people, they will give jobs, they will bring the black money, there were so many promises which have turned into actually blunders.”


Asked, Sarifa said that the IYC is already on road even during COVID and now after lockdown has opened.


“Today also we are having a national protest in every state but here as we are having bye election we don’t want to disturb the protocols so we are not doing it,” she stated.