Former ANVC.B Secretary accuses Government of playing ‘double standard.’


Accusing the Government of playing ‘double standard’, the former Secretary of Disbanded Achik National Volunteers Council – Breakaway (ANVC.B), Deepan G Momin stated that the Government has violated the ‘Agreed Text for Settlement’ by not withdrawing cases against its leaders.

“The Government violated the Agreed Text for Settlement by not withdrawing cases against the leaders of ANVC.B leaders while it has relaxed the cases registered against the terrorist leader who was arrested in Bangladesh and now roam scot-free,” Momin said.
Stating that the state government is misusing the former terrorist leaders for the political mileage, the former rebel leader said, “The Government has also relaxed cases against other militant groups but have slapped more cases on our leaders, they did not even have proper review meeting which clearly shows that they are trying to derail the agreement for the strengthening of Garo Hills Autonomous District Council to Territorial Council. “
“They also ‘murrowed the money’ sent by the Centre for the rehabilitation of more than a hundred cadres who have been verified 5 times now,” he added while referring to the rehabilitation package of the central Government. EOM​ ​