Former HM RG Lyngdoh calls for proper inquiry into alleged gunning down of former HNLC leader


Former Home Minister Robert Garnett Lyngdoh on Wednesday called for a proper inquiry into the alleged gunning down of the former Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) leader Cherishterfield Thangkhiew.


“A proper inquiry has to be done and the guilty parties have to be properly identified and then action can be taken,” Lyngdoh said.


Lyngdoh said, “You can’t just go and shoot somebody and kill him in his own house. That is not done, you know whatever the circumstances that have led to it that needs to be condemned.”


“Having said that, a proper inquiry into what led to that situation has to be made as we cannot jump to conclusion and that it is A’s fault, B’s fault, C’s fault, we cannot just play the blame game,” he added.

Asked, Lyngdoh however said that the people were reacting to the alleged cold blooded murder of a citizen of the state.


“Added to that is the frustration, you can see the frustration of the youth and that frustration is not only from here, this frustration is something that has build up over time, frustration at not getting jobs, frustration at not seeing a future for themselves and that has got expressed in the recent past,” he said while regretting that the government had failed to tackle the situation in a mature way.


Stating that the reactions were not rational outbursts, Lyngdoh said, “These were all emotional outbursts and emotional outbursts can be the result of the frustration that has been felt inside of them. Overtime, we will see their sympathies are really with this militant outfit or not but from what I am seeing now is I don’t think it has had a permanent effect on the youth, it is not that they are really sympathizing it is just an outburst of emotions at that particular point of time.”