Former Meghalaya Deputy CM denounces Congress candidate from Jowai; hails Andrew Shullai

In a major boost to opposition AITC in Meghalaya, Jowai North MDC extends support to Andrew Shullai condemning NPP MLA

Leaders from the Congress party and NPP came out in support of Meghalaya TMC on Saturday and appealed to the people of Jowai to choose Andrew Shullai as their next legislator.

At an event held at Shullai’s residence in Jowai of West Jaintia Hills district, former deputy chief minister RC Laloo and Jowai North MDC and NPP leader Brightstar Chyrmang extended their unflinching support to strengthen the hands of Andrew Shullai.

The presence and support from five-time Jowai MLA RC Laloo – who served as a minister and speaker – boosted the confidence of the hundreds who gathered to listen to Shullai.

While speaking at the event, RC Laloo said, “Andrew is full of hope. Let us choose hope – not only for this generation but for the future generation too. I told him [Shullai] to have determination in this fight for the people of Jowai. Let us think before we vote, as the future of the coming generations is also at stake. I urge you all to have faith in Andrew, and I assure you that he will win this election.”

The prominent MDC Brightstar mentioned that the Conrad Sangma led-NPP government has left the people of Meghalaya in disarray. He mentioned, “I have come here to support Andrew Shullai as this NPP-led MDA government did nothing for our people. We have seen a lot of problems in the District Council like not getting our salaries and delayed disbursal of Central government funds. This government has not supported us in any way. Hence, I have come here to stand with Andrew Shullai.”

Taking a dig at the NPP-led MDA government over the issues ailing the health sector, Meghalaya TMC Candidate Andrew Shullai said, “The ruling NPP-led MDA government has failed to provide essential healthcare to the public, merely running the state without bothering to fulfill their responsibility. Under the WE Card Scheme, we have ensured guaranteed income support for women from every household by providing Rs. 1,000 every month to uplift the women of Meghalaya.”

He also added, “Under MYE Card, TMC will provide Rs. 1,000 to the unemployed youth between the ages of 21-40 years, to empower and fulfill the aspirations of our youth who are reeling under unemployment crisis.”

Shullai also discussed the TMC Manifesto that was launched by the party earlier this week. He said that all the promises mentioned in the manifesto will be implemented once TMC comes into power.

Other prominent leaders including Ex-MDC and Ex-CEM of JHADC Madan Rymbai, Jaintia Students Union leader Neman Shadap, HITO leader Juvenile Rymbai, and Moonlight Pariat Leader Dawan Dkhar were also present at the event.

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