Former Mylliem legislator Pynshai Manik Syiem on Tuesday filed his nomination as an independent candidate from Mylliem constituency for the upcoming assembly elections.


He was accompanied by his daughter Teilinia Thangkhiew, who is also a former Mylliem MDC.


Speaking to reporters, Syiem said, “I am hundred percent confident (that I will win) because of my past performance. What I have done in the last 15 years when I was MLA that itself will convince the people to re-elect me again.”


The former legislator also said that it will not be difficult for him to contest against a sitting legislator and a sitting MDC as it is the people who have to decide.



When asked, Syiem said, “Joining a political party is okay but you will not have the freedom of speech in the House which is most important. Suppose if I say anything on an issue which will affect the party in other parts, they will not allow me to speak.”


He said that the NPP is not a strong opponent. “If NPP comes back to power we are finished. If they lose the election they are also finished.”

By Editor