Garo group ‘UGACMC’ reiterate demand for an autonomous council


United Garo Autonomous Council Movement Committee (UGACMC) has reiterated its demand for the creation of a separate autonomous council for Garos even as the group has threatened to intensify its agitation against the Assam government until the demand for the creation of a separate autonomous council for Garos is fulfilled.

 “The UGACMC proposes to intensify mass and effective agitation in various ways against the Govt of Assam until our demand for creation of a separate autonomous council for Garos is fulfilled and we are ready to sacrifice our lives for our genuine demand,” UGACMC chairman Alek K Sangma said in a statement issued on Saturday.

 He said the Garos must have a separate autonomous council of its own in Assam within the framework of the Indian constitution for shaping their own destiny in respect of political, socio-cultural ethnicity, education, etc.

 Sangma however said the recent creation of four autonomous councils namely Matak – Moran and Kamatapur Autonomous Council to the non-tribal and Bodo- Kachari Welfare Autonomous Council by the Assam government vindicates the clear evidence of discrimination against the Garos of Assam.

 “The government of Assam has been making negligible and step-motherly efforts to the aspiration of deprived Garo people of Assam…,” he added.

 Stating that the UGACMC had prepared a comprehensive population survey and submitted the same to the Assam government, Sangma however said that the government has betrayed the faith of the Garos and has overlooked their genuine demand.

 “They have taken initiatives for the above-mentioned autonomous councils even though they don’t have a proper survey of their respective population. This initiative has disheartened the Garos of Assam and we feel betrayed by the Assam government,” he stated.