GHADC IMBROGLIO: BJP warns state Govt.


Reacting to the state Government’s decision to audit the GHADC funds and not for a CBI probe, Meghalaya BJP vice president, Bernard N Marak on Tuesday said permission of the state government is not required for conducting a CBI inquiry into the alleged misuse of central funds in the autonomous district councils (ADCs).

Marak also asked the state government to refrain from trying to distract the minds of the public by interfering in the CBI inquiry in GHADC.

Earlier, DCA Minister District Council Affairs (DCA) minister, Lahkmen Rymbui said the government has decided to go ahead with its decision to audit GHADC funds and not for a CBI probe.

The BJP leader in a press statement said, “Lakhmen Rymbui should understand that the state has no authority to allow or oppose CBI investigation where Central funds are involved. There is a strong ground for the CBI to come in. Moreover, GHADC is not under the State Government.”

Asserting that BJP is not asking permission from the state government to conduct a CBI inquiry on misuse of central funds in the ADCs, the BJP leader said,“State is not the authority of ADCs and they should know their limits so the question of them granting permission for CBI inquiry in GHADC on misuse of Central funds is illogical.”

Following the BJP’s allegation, the state government had recently written to the Director of the Local Fund Audit (DLFA) for conducting an inquiry into the alleged misuse of central funds by the GHADC and JHADC.

Marak however questioned whether the DLFA can actually audit the central funds which have been misused.

“Local Fund Audit can audit PLA 1 (Personal Ledger Account 1) which is GHADC’s own fund but auditing Central funds is doubtful,” he said. EOM