Government will allow churches to organize Christmas carol provided they obtain permission


In a major relief, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong said that the state government will allow churches to organize Christmas carol provided that they obtain permission from the respective deputy commissioners.

 “The concerned churches are allowed if they have specific programmes for Christmas celebration but provided that permission is being obtained from the respective deputy commissioners to ensure SOPs are strictly followed,” Tynsong told reporters on Monday.

 He was reacting to the recent demand made by the NGOs that the state government should reconsider its decision not to allow Christmas carol during this festive season.

 On this, Tynsong however reiterated that Christmas carols in the streets taken out by individuals without the consent of the respective churches will not be allowed.

 “Saying that having Christmas carols without the knowledge of the churches, that will not be allowed,” he said.

 “That is why we are saying you can organize Christmas carol in the premises of the church or in a place identified by the church,” he added.

 According to him, the state government does not want to take any chances in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

 “Therefore, we have taken this decision after foreseeing the danger so we don’t want to take any chances (in order to prevent any surge in the cases),” Tynsong said.

 The deputy chief minister also informed that organizing of community feasts during the festive season will not be allowed.