Govt announces special incentive package for all India service officers.

​The Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government has announced the introduction of a special incentive package to reimburse 95 percent of the total income tax payable by the all India service officers serving in the state.

State government employees working outside Meghalaya will also be benefited by the special package.

 Addressing media persons after the cabinet meeting on Friday, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong said Meghalaya is the first state in the history of the country to provide such a special package for the all India service officers serving in the state.

 “The state government will reimburse 95 percent of the total dues payable by these officers (coming from different parts of the country to work in Meghalaya) to the Income tax department,” Tynsong said.

 According to him, the government will require to spend not less than Rs 1.45 crore annually for providing this special package to the officers.

          He said as per the Income Tax Act, non-tribal officers are subjected to pay income tax annually throughout India.

On the other hand, the deputy chief minister also announced that the state government employees working outside the state like in the different Meghalaya Houses, will also be provided with reimbursement packages​​ annually.

 “This is because our employees, although they are tribals, are bound to pay income tax as they are working outside the state. Therefore, they will also be entitled to the 95 percent reimbursement of income tax,” he said.​​