Govt asks MTC to ensure Govt buses provide more coverage in and around Shillong city


Meghalaya News 24 exclusive

Commuters faced hardships in reaching their destinations as an indefinite strike called against hike in prices of petrol and diesel hit the public transport services in the city.

 Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong has appealed to the Meghalaya Joint Action Committee of Commercial Vehicles (MJACCV) to call off the ongoing indefinite strike against hike in prices of petrol and diesel.

 “Since we have lifted restrictions on seating capacity as well as the odd-even number, I would like to request the JAC to withdraw from your strike and serve the people of the state as transporters. Let us work together for the interest of the common people,” Tynsong told reporters on Thursday.

 According to him, with restrictions being lifted, local taxis and tourist taxis are not making any losses.

 He said that a delegation of the JAC had already met him recently. “I have already explained to them that the government will examine the issue.”

 It may be mentioned here that the JAC has called for an indefinite strike after the state government has failed to comply with its demand to either reduce the prices of petrol/diesel or increase the passenger fares.

 When asked, the deputy chief minister however said except for big commercial vehicles, revision of the passenger fares for local taxis and tourist taxis was just approved in the month of January 2020.

 He added that now, the state government is seriously thinking to revise the passenger fares for buses and other big commercial vehicles. “The government is examining the matter and the cabinet will soon take a call on this,” Tynsong said.

 On being asked if the government would reduce the tax imposed on petrol and diesel, the deputy chief minister said “The department of ERTS is working out but I am just telling you because when we talk about the hike in prices this is not permanent, it happens, it bounds to happen but at the same time it bounds to reduce when it goes up.

When it comes down, we also have to understand. That is what I am saying it is so difficult for the government, just because diesel or petrol products this time it goes up, when it goes down, will again have a problem – can we again revise the rates. In reality, we need to take from both sides of the coins.”

 Meanwhile, the deputy chief minister said that the government has asked the MTC to ensure the government buses provide more coverage in and around Shillong city to ease the movement of the commuters in view of the ongoing strike by the commercial vehicles.