Govt changing vaccination stretegy


Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Thursday said the state government is changing its strategy for the COVID-19 vaccination drive.

Speaking to journalists, Sangma said the decision is being taken because of the fact that the government of India has agreed to supply vaccines for the 18 years and above category also.


“Based on that we will now be able to vaccinate and combine both the 18 plus and 45 plus into one category,” he added.


Stating that the state is having approximately 1.50 lakh doses of vaccines, Sangma said, “So the number of vaccinations now will definitely go up and we expect that based on the performance and the work we do, the numbers of vaccines will also go up.”


According to him, the 90,000 doses of vaccines for the 45 years and above category can also be used for the 18 years and above category.


Asked, the chief minister said that the state procurement of vaccines is not there anymore following the announcement made by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the Centre will also provide vaccines for the 18 years and above.


“…in the future, state governments will not have to procure anymore vaccines at the state level, it will be provided by the central government,” he said.


Sangma however said that the state government had already placed an order for 60,000 doses of vaccines before the Centre’s announcement and are arriving in the state in a day or two.