Govt decides to create police infrastructure renovation fund


Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Wednesday announced the state government’s decision to create the police infrastructure renovation fund (PIRF).


After chairing the Conference of Superintendents of Police and Commandants, Sangma said through the PIRF, the government has decided to give a direct fund to the district level – District Rural Development Agency (DRDA), which will then work closely with the SPs and the battalions to take up renovation of the police stations.


He said the government will also be creating and sanctioning offices for SPs in the districts which don’t have SP offices.


“We have also decided to give brand new vehicles to all 76 police stations along with computers and complete IT set up. This is because police are also involved in large additional activities and emergency situations,” Sangma said.


The chief minister said that the government will also provide cranes and ambulances will be given to the high traffic zone districts and accident prone districts to enable the police to serve the people better.


“The crane is obviously to lift the vehicles which met with an accident and ambulances to carry people in case immediate responses are required. We will be giving ambulances at the police level so that immediate response can be given if and when required,” he said.


Further, Sangma announced that 60 motor cycles will also be provided to the police for overall monitoring and movement out here in order to control the traffic.


This is taking into consideration that out of the 4 lakh plus vehicles in Meghalaya, 50% of them are in East Khasi Hills.


Stating that 70% of the police forces do not have proper accommodation and have to stay in rented places, Sangma said the government will soon come up with a housing project for the police.


“In a phase wise manner, we will be taking up certain housing projects for the district level at the constable, SI, DSB – all of them require large housing complexes. Therefore, this issue has been taken up and definitely we are moving forward on it,” he said.


Meanwhile, the state government has also decided to come up with the CM’s Police Medal Award and CM’s Disaster Response Medal to honor police personnel for their services to the people of the state.


“These two medals are going to be given to the respected police personnel who will be selected and we will start this from this year,” he said adding these kinds of recognitions are important to boost the morale of our police force and to also show the appreciation of the public and the state government.


When asked about the status of the police modernization, the chief minister said modernization takes place in different aspects whether it is weapons, whether it is the cyber and ops and even the overall infrastructure.


“All of these are continuous processes and we had discussed all those details but those are more confidential details regarding weapons and everything it is not appropriate for me to share. Of course, wherever it is required or whenever the need is there, it has been brought to my notice and to the government’s notice by our DG and we have assured them that we will take the necessary steps in that direction,” he said.


On the issue of militancy, Sangma informed that the conference had discussed the entire law and order in the state and said that the law and order situation is more or less peaceful and that there is no specific incident or activity of underground that have been reported.


Meanwhile, the chief minister also assured that the government is in the process of filling up vacancies in the police department.