Govt decision to set up inquiry commissions was just an eye wash: Dr. Mukul Sangma



Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma has alleged that the state government’s decision to set up various inquiry commissions was just an eye wash.
“The attempt of the government which can be considered as just an eye wash will not be tolerated by the people,” Sangma told Meghalaya News 24.
He was referring to the delay to complete the investigations by the inquiry commissions into the alleged various allegations of corruption in the MeECL, rice scam and others.
Sangma said the state government has been under pressure to take cognizance of the alleged irregularities and it is the responsibility of the government to keep their promises.
He also reminded that there are number of vigilant civil society organizations and freelance activists who are taking on the government to address these concerns of the people.
“Therefore, the truth cannot be hidden and there is no reason for the government to try to drag on these issues but… to respond to the demand of the people,” he asserted.
The AITC leader also assured to take up all pending issues to their logical conclusions.
When asked, Sangma said the government had instituted the inquiry commissions to somehow pacify people and allow the things to have a natural death so that people will eventually forget.
“Therefore, I am sure people who have taken up these issues are not going to forget and they will definitely pursue  so it is only appropriate for the government to understand their responsibility towards the people, towards the state and nothing else,” he added.