Govt denies over pricing of smart meters


Amidst the controversy over pricing of smart meters, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong,  while talking to Meghalaya News 24, has clarified that the cost of the single phase smart meter including GST and other components is Rs 5889, while, the cost of three phase smart meter including GST and other components  is Rs 11, 238.

The MDA government led by Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has been caught in a fresh controversy over the pricing of smart meters where Hynñiewtrep Youth Council (HYC) has alleged that the rates are incorrect.

However, refuting the charges, Tynsong said the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) has incorrectly calculated the total cost of each smart meter as they failed to ascertain the type of meters since they are of different categories.

“As far as the single phase smart meter is concern, in the question raised in the Assembly, my reply was the cost of each smart meter is Rs 3750 that is a single phase excluding GST, excluding the cost of fixing, fitting, excluding the cost of the box so therefore, the basic price of the smart meter is Rs 3750. They (HYC) miscalculated and said the reply is wrong which is not wrong at all it is right, because the question is pertaining to only the basic price of the smart meters. Taking into account all those other components, the total cost of each single phase smart meter is Rs 5890,” the Deputy Chief Minister said.

Tynsong said that there are four categories of meters, firstly the smart meter is called a single phase smart meter, then there is also a three phase smart meter. Then again there are DT meters, LT meters, and HT meters.

And for the three-phase smart meter, the minister said that the basic cost of each meter is Rs 5120 but when all the components, including GST, are added to it, the total comes to Rs 11238 each.

“I think from the HYC side when they receive the reply in the form of RTI I think they got confused why the reply is Rs 5120 while the actual is Rs 11, 238. My reply is about the basic price of the smart meters phase three,” he added.

Earlier, the Hynñiewtrep Youth Council (HYC) has asked Deputy Chief Minister in-charge Power, Prestone Tynsong to clarify as to how the cost of the project for the installation and supply of 1, 80,000 smart meters was given at a cost of Rs 232 crores when the cost of each smart meter is only Rs 3750 as per his statement on the floor of the Assembly on March 17 this year.

On the cost part, Tynsong said that the installation of smart meters in Meghalaya is free of cost as the state is entitled to shell out only 20 percent of whatever amount received from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).