Govt. follows due process while allotting contract works to firms and companies : James



Amidst the rising controversy,   Power Minister James K Sangma has claimed that due process was followed while allotting contract works to firms and companies from outside the state.

 He was reacting to the recent allegation made by the Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma against the NPP-led MDA government for allegedly replacing local entrepreneurs and contractors by firms and companies from outside the state.

“The Leader of Opposition is not doing his homework properly. If he were to do his homework properly he would know and understand that there are certain conditions to the tenders and these kinds of conditions only when they are met that certain firms/companies are eligible and they get the work order. So due process has been followed, there is nothing to hide here,” James told reporters on Tuesday.

 The power minister has reiterated the need for instituting an inquiry into the alleged irregularities in the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL).

 “I have conveyed to the Chief Minister that I welcome any kind of inquiry because I think it will be an opportunity to clear the air about whatever systemic rot that is there in the MeECL, to clear the air about whether there are any kind of irregularities that are taking place in the tendering process, whether there is nepotism in the organization or not, whether there is power theft in the Byrnihat Industrial Area (BIA), which has caused immense losses to the tune of hundreds of crores to the MeECL,” he said.


“The inquiry will give an opportunity to come out very openly and very transparently as to all the problems that are there in the MeECL and then it gives us an opportunity to introspect and to come up with ways and means of how we can address those problems,” he further added.