Govt monitoring COVID 19 situation; CM appeals Citizens get vaccinated for both doses


After the cases of a sub lineage of SARS CoV 2’s delta variant have been detected in parts of the country, the genomic surveillance project of the country are on high alert.

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said he along with the health minister James K Sangma are personally monitoring the COVID situation

Asked on the preparation of the government in view of a new variant being detected in the country, Sangma said, “The situation of covid is something that has always caught any government by surprise and it’s not something that we can claimed that we are hundred percent prepared for any situation, but as we have seen that we have and as we went along we have learnt more, we have able to expand our infrastructure, expand our different facilities and manpower and all these aspects, but yes one cannot say how the situation will unfold in the future.”

Ay is yet another version of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

There are variants of the Covid-19 coronavirus like the Delta variant. Then there are subvariants, which are variants of the variants. And AY.4.2 is a Delta subvariant that has now spread to at least 42 different countries, including the U.S., according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) Weekly epidemiological update on Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Monday appealed to the citizens of the state to get vaccinated for both doses.

“We are seeing that vaccination has always helped and therefore, I will continuously urge our people that they should get themselves vaccinated,” Sangma told reporters.

Stating there is a large number of people who are still hesitant to get vaccinated, he however said, “It is not a good sign for their own safety and safety of the other people in their family and their village and the city, people should get vaccinated.”

When asked, Sangma said not all citizens are hesitant.

“We presume that there could be some hesitancy in some of them but it looks like it’s more of complacency that they’re seeing that the numbers are going down and the fact that they’ve taken one shot and think that it should be okay.”

According to him, the health department is very much aware of this and has been continuously making appeals.

“I also would like to appeal to everybody that please finish your two doses because that’s the prescribed norm by the experts and everybody has taken two doses and it’s only when the two doses are coming that the effectiveness of the vaccine is much higher,” he said.

“The department is working overtime, but it’s because of the hesitancy we are trying to convince an appeal to people but there are challenges but I hope that people will see through all of this and come forward and vaccinate,” he added.

The chief minister also informed that over 600 people were vaccinated in the different polling stations during the bye-elections to the three Assembly constituencies, which were held on October 30.