Govt not willing to take over emergency services


Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma has opined that it is not advisable for the state government to take over the emergency services.
“Normally, the government stays away from all the different services. Tomorrow if the government has to run all the services in the state then the government cannot do its primary function which is to govern and to create policies and maintain law and order and create infrastructure. Therefore, it is not advisable for the government to go into the different kinds of services. As much as possible, the private sector should come into those areas,” Sangma told journalists today.
He however added that the government is examining all those matters even as he added that it is difficult for him to give any sort of commitment on the issue at this present juncture.
His statement came after a meeting with the delegation of the Meghalaya EMRI Workers Union (MEMRIWU), who has called for a one-week strike demanding the state government to end the contract with the GVK EMRI and to take over the emergency services for ensuring job security to the employees.
On the government’s move to end the contract with the present company, the Chief Minister said that there will be a tendering process where the government will select different bodies.
“We will see how to move forward in this. We will see in the best interest of the citizens of the state and obviously the government and keep the interest of the employees in mind and we will see how to move forward on this,” he added.
On the other hand, the Chief Minister has asked the GVK EMRI to resolve the issues raised by its employees.
“We have explained to them (delegation) that the government has a contract with the GVK EMRI and therefore, the entire management of the employees is something that is not directly connected with the government and it is the GVK EMRI that needs to resolve it”.
While assuring, he said, “but we are always there to look into their problems and figure out ways on how we can support them but ultimately the employer is the GVK, therefore, the issues have to be resolved at the GVK level.”