Govt proposes to come up with uniform O&M policy for projects implemented under MeECL


The state government is proposing to come up with a uniform policy for operations and maintenance (O&M) of the different projects implemented under the three utilities of the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL).


The issue came up for discussion at a meeting convened by the power minister James K Sangma with officials of the MeECL on Friday.


Sangma said that there are many projects under the three utilities – generation, transmission and distribution – where O&M have been outsourced.


“(In view of this) we want to have a uniform policy in terms of O&M,” he said.


The minister further informed that accordingly the MeECL was asked to review contracts of all these three utilities wherever O&M has been given.


“We will be taking a call on whether we will continue with these or we will not because we need to have a uniform policy on this,” he added.


Sangma also announced that the power department has decided not to go ahead with decision to outsource the O&M of the Myntdu Leshka and New Umtru power projects after concerns raised by many people.


“This was discussed and MeECL has committed to its sincerity and capability very importantly in running both these plants in terms of operations and maintenance,” he said.


“Only one thing was mentioned about whatever technical gaps or shortcoming that may be there in terms of knowledge – so these have to be addressed in terms of capacity building.

 I have told MeECL that capacity building of our engineers, accounts, HR – these have to be build up in the organization and this has to be given specific focus,” he added.


Similarly following stiff opposition from several quarters, the department has decided to go for complete automation of the sub-stations.


“The O&M for the sub-stations which are new sub-stations, which required a lot of manpower and experticed in this matter – this was also mentioned by the MeECL that the capability is there.


However, we have decided that the sub stations that are there will bring about certain amount of financial burden on the corporation if we are to go for recruitment to man these new sub-stations which will be difficult looking at the financial health of the corporation,” he said.


“Therefore, it was suggested that we go for complete automation of these sub-stations which will then ruled out the need for bringing in more employees and adding on to the financial burden of the MeECL. So we will be going for complete automation of these sub-stations,” the minister stated.