Govt re-constitutes committee of all political parties for discussion on roster system and 1972 state job reservation policy

The Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government on Tuesday re-constituted a committee of all political parties for discussion on the roster system and the 1972 state job reservation policy.

Chairperson of the Committee Ampareen Lyngdoh said, “I am pleased to announce that the government has accepted the recommendation of the committee on roster reservation and has been pleased to extend the terms of reference of our committee to also include a discussion on the state’s job reservation policy.”
She said the government has also decided to the extend the strength of the committee and have asked all political parties to co-opt two more members from individual political parties.
“This is to make sure that representation of political parties is also balance to the extend possible representing the indigenous tribes of the state of Meghalaya,” Lyngdoh said.
She also urged all political parties including the VPP to attend the meeting of the committee to be held at 2.30 pm on Wednesday.
“With this consultation which we hope will be inclusive of all political parties of the state of Meghalaya we shall then be able to further discuss matter that are relevant in the interest of the people of the state,” she added.
A notification issued by the Chief Secretary DP Wahlang here said, “The Governor of Meghalaya is pleased to re-constitute a committee comprising of all political parties for discussing the implementation of the reservation roster and the reservation policy with the following members…”
The 12-member committee will be headed by Minister in-charge Law Ampareen Lyngdoh.
The members include Zenith M Sangma (AITC), HM Shangpliang (BJP), Augustine Marak (GNC), KP Pangniang (HSPDP), Ronnie V Lyngdoh (INC), Pyndapborthiaw Sabon (KHNAM), Dr W Kharlukhi (NPP), Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar (UDP), Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit (VPP), Chief Secretary DP Wahlang and Commissioner & Secretary in-charge Personnel & AR (B) as member secretary.
The notification said that the terms of reference of the committee is to finalise the implementation of the reservation roster and discuss the reservation policy and submit recommendation to the government within one month from the date of this notification.
To ensure fairer representation from all categories each political party may be represented by two additional members apart from the above notified.
The committee may co-opt any member to take part in the proceedings of the committee if felt necessary.
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