Govt spends Rs 1,455.42 crore annually on salary payments to 39,241 teachers.

Pic by Meghalaya News 24..

The state government is spending over Rs 1,455.42 crore annually on salary payments to 39,241 teachers in 13,236 schools across the state.

“The total expenditure on salary payment for teachers from pre-primary to higher secondary is Rs 1,455.42 crore. This does not include the scholarship for secondary school students, grants to night schools or BRP/BRC,” Education Minister Lahkmen Rymbui said.

Stating that maximum money is spent for the teachers, he said it is the paramount duty of the state government to see that education is made accessible to every nook and corner of the state.

Of this, the minister said that the government is spending Rs 1,144.43 crore for 26,335 teachers in 8,014 government, deficit, deficit pattern, and Adhoc schools in the state.

Rs 319.97 crore for 2,479 teachers in 2539 government lower primary schools, Rs 30.94 crore for 402 teachers in 56 upper primary schools, Rs 3.62 crore for 220 teachers in secondary schools, and Rs 61.65 crore for 468 teachers in 25 higher secondary schools.

Under the deficit schools, the minister informed that Rs 229.85 crore for 1,920 LP schools, Rs 64.25 crore for 136 UP schools, Rs 186 crore for 121 secondary schools, Rs 16,84 crore for 17 higher secondary schools.

He said Rs 1.62 crore for 25 deficit pattern LP/UP schools and Rs 6.99 crore for 9 secondary schools.

For Adhoc schools, Rymbui said Rs 35.28 crore is spent for 2,450 teachers in 1,225 LP schools, Rs 66.84 crore for 3,376 teachers in 884 UP schools, Rs 51.09 crore for 2,248 teachers in 399 secondary schools, Rs 12.29 crore for 428 teachers in 69 higher secondary schools.

“There are two schools for which we are providing science grant and we spent about Rs 15.47 crore for 602 secondary schools and Rs 2.64 crore as Hindi grant for 153 secondary schools besides Rs 21.90 crore for 1,521 4th teachers (at the rate of Rs 12,000 per month) and Rs 97.20 lakh for 54 inclusive education volunteers (at Rs 15,000 per month). The government is also spending Rs 6.32 crore for 710 pre-primary school teachers,” he said.

Meanwhile, a total of Rs 310.99 crore is spent on payment of salary to over 12,906 teachers in 5,222 SSA schools in the state.

Of this, Rs 132.86 crore for 5814 teachers in 2,907 LP schools, Rs 165.42 crore for 6,727 teachers in 2242 UP schools, and Rs 12.70 crore for 365 teachers in 73 secondary schools, the minister said.