Govt to convene all-party meeting to discuss roster system next month: Prestone

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong informed that an all-party meeting will be convened by the state government to discuss the roster system next month.

Speaking to reporters, Tynsong said, “Before doing that, we will have a detailed discussion in the Cabinet and we will have a detailed discussion with the MDA partners.”

He said the focus of the government is on the roster system.

“The duty of the government is to again revisit and study properly about the roster system and we are on the job,” Tynsong added.


On the VPP demand to review the reservation policy, Tynsong said, “Just demanding that we have to review the reservation policy is not as simple as that. So when you talk about roster system, yes, now the government is seriously examining this issue and once that is done Cabinet will sit down, MDA will sit down and then ultimately we will invite all political parties and we will invite also all the stakeholders in one go where we will explain exactly what is a roster system and how is it taking effective is it retrospective or is it prospective.”


The Deputy Chief  Minister also clarified that the question of amendment to the Job reservation policy does not arise as this is not an act, it is only a policy.

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