Govt to convene with Cement companies to resolve trucker’s issues


Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Friday said that the government would convene a meeting with the cement companies to resolve issues related to transportation for local truckers, after the bye elections.


The assurance was made after a meeting with the delegation of the Meghalaya Trucker’s Union (MTU).

In an interview to Meghalaya News 24, Tynsong said, “After the bye election, we will take it up from the government and we will have a meeting to sort out these issues with the concerned cement companies along with the union and truck owners and drivers.”


He informed that the union has requested the state government to take up with the cement companies to at least consider giving priority to the local truckers and transporters.


According to him, it seems the local truckers of the state are getting very less trips for lifting cements from different locations.


“…sometimes they have to stand in a queue for not less than three-four days and they used to get maybe one trip in a week which I feel is not at all economical and it will affect their livelihood,” Tynsong stated.


Earlier, MTU general secretary Wyraiwan Sohtun said that the delegation has demanded the state government to come up with a law to reserve at least 85 percent of the transportation of cement, clinker, coke and any other products produced by the Industries within the state government for local truckers.


He said this is because the local truckers are facing a lot of problems in getting employment whereas the transportation of cement and clinker are continuing since the demand of the product increases everyday.


“However, the transportation of cement and clinker are mostly done by truckers from outside the state and trucks owned by the companies whereas the plight of local truckers are left unattended by the cement companies,” he stated.