Govt. to do proper homework before taking a call on oil palm cultivation


Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Wednesday assured that the state government will do proper homework before taking a call on the Centre’s move to promote oil palm cultivation in the Northeast region.

 Addressing media persons after an MDA meeting, Sangma said, “Whatever steps we take forward we will do it only when we are convinced that the environment is safeguarded and the interest of the local people are safeguarded and ensure all these aspects are taken into consideration and then we move forward. As I said, the government of India proposal is there and obviously we will see to what extent we will go but we will go once we have done our homework properly.”

 Stating that it is a good project, the chief minister said there are many areas and many states in the NE who want to go for it and it is being done with a very positive objective of ensuring that livelihood and all is created.

 “…obviously we are very clear as a state we need to balance things out so whatever decision we take it will always be to ensure that the environment should not be affected in the wrong way, the forest cover should not be degraded,” he said.

 Sangma also added, “Now if we have got areas which have barren area which are not forest area, if there are those kind of area which can be utilized for a plantation like this then I think it is a win-win situation if there are certain areas which could be covered and we could gain livelihood and income for the people then it is a great thing.”