Govt took possession over Iew Mawlong where Sweeper’s Colony located


Meghalaya government on Friday took possession over the land at Iew Mawlong where the Sweeper’s Colony is currently located.

 Informing this, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong told to a section of reporters that the state government has took over the land after premium of over Rs 2 crore was paid to the Syiem of Mylliem.

 This was after signing a tripartite lease deed between the government of Meghalaya, the Syiem of Mylliem and Shillong Municipal Board on March 31, earlier this year.

 Asked, Tynsong said certainly beautification of the area is going to happen once the Sweeper’s Colony is being relocated.

 “Beautification has to happen. The urban affairs department will workout whether they will convert it into a shopping mall or parking lot, certainly the urban affairs department are examining this issue,” he added.

The deputy chief minister however said that he would prefer to inform the government’s plan at a later state in as far as the Gurudwara and a school are concerned.

 On the High Court’s order to maintain status quo on the issue, Tynsong said, “No I will not tell you anything about the court but you need to understand one thing since possession of the land is being  taken over so you understand what next to be done, leave aside the ruling of the judiciary, as any can challenge in the court and we are also there to defend it in the court so why should I detail you about this – let the concerned party go to the court and we are also defending ourselves in the court.”

 Meanwhile, the deputy chief minister assured that there will be no law and order problem arising from the issue.

 “We will assure you that there will be no law and order problem. You have every right to come. We welcome any delegation (from outside), the Government will explain to them the actuality and I am sure they will understand what the stand of the government is,” he stated.