Hawkers Association celebrates 6th foundation day


Members of Meghalaya & Greater Shillong Progressive Hawkers and Street Vendors Association, celebrated their sixth founding day by hosting a two day programme which concluded at Anton Hall, Laitumkhrah on Thursday.


After the disruption caused by CoVID-19, in a widely attended celebration today, more than thousand street vendors and hawkers and their family members came together for a day-long programme that included a cultural competition called Hawkers Have Talent.

First day programme was organisational training in Social Analysis and Organisation building for the office bearers of the Association. Training was facilitated by well-known Public Health Activist and founder of The Action North Trust, Dr Sunil Kaul.

The programme today was chaired by Kong Biolin Pyrtuh, newly elected president of the association. The meeting was addressed by Kong D. B.S. Mukhim, Assistant Food Commissioner and Kong Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew of Meghalaya Domestic Workers Movement. Kong Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew talked about the power of working classes in Meghalaya and exhorted the Hawkers and Street Vendors to strengthen their solidarity with other citizens and working people to defend their rights and as well as to be a part of movements for Democratic renewals.


Organisation also expressed their gratitude to their Lawyer Kaustabh Pal, who has helped the association mount its legal challenge to anti-people Meghalaya State law on Hawking which now would be repealed and Central Law on Hawking would finally be implemented in Meghalaya.


After the speeches and messages, the founding day got into celebration mode with competitions in Singing, Dancing, Modeling and Fashion Show. Hawkers sang their original self written songs and self-composed poems too.