Health dept begins election mode of vaccination campaign

As part of its pre Christmas 100 percent vaccination plan, Meghalaya health department has gone for an election mode of vaccination campaign to reach out to the masses.

The state health department has launched another vaccination drive , with teams moving from door to door under every polling station to inoculate those still unvaccinated.

While appreciating South Garo Hills for being the first district to adopt this, National Health Mission’s (NHM) mission director, Ram Kumar said, “…south Garo Hills, I would like to mention that they have done an election mode of vaccination campaign where they have send total team of 5-6 people going to each polling station where they camp for two days and reached all the household from their villages and try to vaccinate everyone.”

” That has paved good results, south Garo hills so far has done only 60 thousand doses of vaccination for public category, in two days they have done 15 thousand doses which is very very high number of doses that shows that 15 percent of the overall vaccination was achieved in two days only, so that kind of campaigning we are going to expand in other districts,” Kumar said while commenting on the achievement of South Garo Hills to knock every such door.

Asked, he further said that last time four districts of Meghalaya were called due to low vaccination coverage, south Garo Hills, East Garo Hills, west Khasi Hills and South West Khasi hills, however, the east Garo hills deputy commissioner has responded on behalf of the state.

“East Garo Hills is also improving and we are going to expand this same mode, this election mode is going to be expanded to East Garo Hills also,” he said.

While India’s first dose coverage is at 82% and second dose coverage at 43%, Puducherry (66%, 39%), Nagaland (49%, 36%), Meghalaya (57%, 38%) and Manipur (54%, 36%) lag behind the national average in their first and second dose coverage.

However, the state health department has geared up, and in the last two weeks, four thousand sessions of vaccination have been done.

The health department is straightening its back when it comes to the areas and districts with low vaccination coverage.

Such areas and districts are targeted through Election mode of vaccination campaign where vaccination against COVID 19 will be provided at the doorstep.

“…we have line listed every single household in Meghalaya, more than 70 percent line listing has been completed in for rural areas to find out who are the family members who are vaccinated and who are not. More than that our vaccination workers are now going house to house, vaccinating the beneficiaries at their houses only, rather than bringing them to a place etc., because some of them are working, he said, while mentioning that more than 90,000 households have been reached already out of 6 lakh households.

The NHM mission director further added, “Under this Election mode of vaccination, all the districts will be targeted, among all the districts, there are areas where vaccination is on the lower side compared to other areas, for example, in East Khasi Hills, the urban areas are more than 80 percent vaccinated, however, the rural areas are only 35 percent, so it will be covered in all the districts, but within the districts, there are lower vaccination coverage areas where it will be covered in election mode.”

Earlier, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said that the state government set a target to fully vaccinate all eligible citizens against COVID-19 before Christmas.

On this, the official said, “We wanted to have a pre Christmas 100 percent vaccination plan that is the target given by our chief minister also, so we are fully focused on that and we would like to get it done before that so that we all have a nice Christmas.”